Saturday, July 28, 2007

Days 60-64: Northern England and Scotland

...and bringing it to the home-stretch, we ditched boiled beets and post-Soviet hospitality ahead of schedule, and go to the British Isles instead.

Ya know the picture looked bigger on the website...

Hexham Abbey, the first stone church in England.

Leah standing atop Hadrian's Wall. We can only speculate that the bad guys were a lot shorter in the olden days.

I actually found Caelyn and Marissa. Who knew?!? My hands just got in the way, and Leah took the picture from the wrong angle.

Crossing into Scotland. And it was windy.

First Starbucks Marty's seen in over a month, and he loses composure.

The imposing Edinburgh Castle. Pretty much.

Marty and Leah enjoying the record breaking rain in Britain at Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfries, Scotland...
...20 minutes later it was really quite beautiful.

Welcome to the Froggeymoon!!! (10 weeks later, and the humor hasn't improved...)

Tea time in the Lake District in Brantwood, England.

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Albert said...

Ah, Scotland, land of perpetual gloom. Remind me to show you my photos of Scotland sometime. I've been to Caerlaverock Castle and it was, believe it or not, sunny!