Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Days 56-59: Prague, Czech Republic aka Prague-ymoon

Prague Castle hovering over the Vltava.

The Castle Gardens and your favorite couple of all time!!!

The outside of St. Vitus...

...and the inside of St. Vitus.

And this is why you don't leave both cameras in Marty's posession...

The Old Jewish Cemetery.

Can you find Leah? (hint: she's the flower with the jeans shorts...)
View of the fake Paris of the East from the fake Eiffel Tower. Kinda nice all the same...

The View of the castle at night.

St. Nicholas Church following the performance of Mozart's Requiem.


Marilynn said...

Oh man! That cemetery is awesome!

You know who this is baby said...

Does he look like Aniken after the volcano fight with Obi-wan? That would be awesome! I will give you $100 if you dress up like Darth Vader for my wedding :)