Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Days 65-67: Southern England and Wales

Warwick Castle...costs as much as Disneyland to get in.

At least trying on armor is free!

William Shakespeare's birthplace, in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Courtyard Theater, where we watched a performance of Richard II.

A bunch of people die in the end...note the trail of blood.


Tintern Abbey in South Wales.

The blue speck is Marty.

Stonehenge Rocks! Remember what we said about our sense of humor? It Rocks! And Stonehenge rocks too!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Days 60-64: Northern England and Scotland

...and bringing it to the home-stretch, we ditched boiled beets and post-Soviet hospitality ahead of schedule, and go to the British Isles instead.

Ya know the picture looked bigger on the website...

Hexham Abbey, the first stone church in England.

Leah standing atop Hadrian's Wall. We can only speculate that the bad guys were a lot shorter in the olden days.

I actually found Caelyn and Marissa. Who knew?!? My hands just got in the way, and Leah took the picture from the wrong angle.

Crossing into Scotland. And it was windy.

First Starbucks Marty's seen in over a month, and he loses composure.

The imposing Edinburgh Castle. Pretty much.

Marty and Leah enjoying the record breaking rain in Britain at Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfries, Scotland...
...20 minutes later it was really quite beautiful.

Welcome to the Froggeymoon!!! (10 weeks later, and the humor hasn't improved...)

Tea time in the Lake District in Brantwood, England.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Days 56-59: Prague, Czech Republic aka Prague-ymoon

Prague Castle hovering over the Vltava.

The Castle Gardens and your favorite couple of all time!!!

The outside of St. Vitus...

...and the inside of St. Vitus.

And this is why you don't leave both cameras in Marty's posession...

The Old Jewish Cemetery.

Can you find Leah? (hint: she's the flower with the jeans shorts...)
View of the fake Paris of the East from the fake Eiffel Tower. Kinda nice all the same...

The View of the castle at night.

St. Nicholas Church following the performance of Mozart's Requiem.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Days 53-55: Krakow, Poland

St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral, where we saw...

...Vivaldi's The Four Seasons one night and Chopin, Mozart, and Bach the second night.

Our mascot resurfaces.

Moonrise over Wawel Castle.

Supreme irony at Auschwitz. "Arbeit Macht Frei": Work Makes You Free... :(

The lovely Wawel Castle.

This was a new one. A guy drops this off on our table. Didn't even see this kind of hard sell in India.

Surprising calm in front of a flaming dragon. A moment later, Marty's hair gets singed off. Expect no further pictures of Marty for the remainder of the trip, out of respect. Good news Luke, no mop-top Marty for your wedding!

Ghost Marty tries to pick up the sword of Poland.

Kinga's Chapel carved entirely out of salt at Wieliczka's Salt Mine.

Days 50-52: Warsaw, Poland

The Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The spout on the fountain was down, and needed a replacement.

St. Paul's Church. We watched an organ concert across from the castle.

A bride in the Square in Old Town. I think it must have been a tradition to splash water, 'cause I don't think I would have willingly put my hand in there. Not very clean.

We thought we were getting into a free Cirque de Soleil concert at the Castle; all we got was a video in a 100 degree, over-crowded tent. Yeah, we didn't stay.

Stalin building another skyscraper straight out of Ghostbusters...

...and atop said Ghostbusters tower.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Days 48-49: Riga, Latvia

A replica of the Gulag at the Occupation Museum.

Orthodox Cathedral, of the Russian variety.

The Freedom Monument, aka Milda.

Art Nouveau building on Alberta iela. Check out the details.

More Art Nouveau at sunset.

House of Blackheads.

The ugliest skyscraper in the known universe. Less than affectionately called "Stalin's Birthday Cake." Did the guy actually deserve this monstrosity? Three hours in the Occupation Museum will answer that. Yeah, he did.

Riga's Old City from atop St. Peter's Cathedral spire.

We also went to Lithuania, but we have no pictures because it was 3 in the morning on our way to...