Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Days 37-39: Bergen, Norway and the Fjords

Myrdal Plateau on the train ride to Bergen.

Old Bryggen section in Bergen on a cloudy day.

Parkering whenever possible. Just thinking of my Godson while in Norway.

Parkering not allowed makes Marty sad.

The funicular to the top of Mt. Floeyen.

View from the top.

A troll snuck up on Leah… and Marty takes his revenge. (They really do infest the place…)

The weather is less than cooperative for the Fjord Cruise in Sognefjorden...

...and it makes Leah’s journey to the homeland sad.

Even so, it was still pretty amazing.

At last, something that drenched us more than the weather!!!

Wonderful timing! The weather clears up as we are leaving the city!

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