Sunday, July 22, 2007

Days 53-55: Krakow, Poland

St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral, where we saw...

...Vivaldi's The Four Seasons one night and Chopin, Mozart, and Bach the second night.

Our mascot resurfaces.

Moonrise over Wawel Castle.

Supreme irony at Auschwitz. "Arbeit Macht Frei": Work Makes You Free... :(

The lovely Wawel Castle.

This was a new one. A guy drops this off on our table. Didn't even see this kind of hard sell in India.

Surprising calm in front of a flaming dragon. A moment later, Marty's hair gets singed off. Expect no further pictures of Marty for the remainder of the trip, out of respect. Good news Luke, no mop-top Marty for your wedding!

Ghost Marty tries to pick up the sword of Poland.

Kinga's Chapel carved entirely out of salt at Wieliczka's Salt Mine.

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